A Business Vision

I discovered the Asian skincare routine in 2004, when it was still a beauty concept that hardly anyone here knew about, and immediately recognised the opportunity to bring a new concept, sheet masks, to Europe. This is how Iroha Nature became the leading brand in this new beauty category and Sensalia Labs an expert in intensive, innovative skincare treatments.
As someone who loves skincare with a passion, I’m very particular when it comes to quality. And that includes everything from technologies to the formulas of our concentrated and highly effective products, the result of combining natural ingredients with other high-end ingredients. And that’s what sets us apart from the rest: we offer premium cosmetics that fit any budget.

Our Mission

To deliver the future of cosmetics that make you shine inside and out at every age.

Awaken your senses through a unique beauty experience


We keep up with the latest trends while protecting the world around us


A universe of intense emotions, well-being and relaxation

Ingredients of Sensalia’s Success

Professional Team

A committed and qualified team, with extensive knowledge in the beauty sector.


We’re the first to bring sheet masks to the European market.


We’re experts in intensive masks and cosmetics. We offer an extensive range of products to meet the diverse needs of customers of all ages, skin types and sales channels. Sensalia Labs provides a UNIQUE AND SUSTAINABLE competitive advantage.



The best way to predict the future is to create it. If you can dream it, you can make it happen.


Life isn’t what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.

Learning by Doing

We strive for excellence and are not afraid to make mistakes.

People are what matters most

Starting with our customers.

We Are Sustainable

We care about the environment and the impact we have on society. We believe that the future of cosmetics has to go hand in hand with sustainability.

Compostable products from start to finish

100% BOTANICAL ORIGIN AND SUSTAINABLE PLANTS Eucalyptus and Cotton Masks that are 100% BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE after 75 days

We offset our carbon footprint

We offset the carbon footprint of all our products, which amounts to 22 tonnes of CO2, through reforestation plans and renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

We create clean cosmetics that are rooted in the principles of clean beauty

Our goal is to create natural formulas that contain as many naturally sourced ingredients as possible in compliance with the ISO 16128 standard

Products containing at least 93% natural ingredients

We offset our carbon footprint

Compostable products from start to finish

Silicone and paraben-free formulas created based on the principles of clean beauty