We take care of our home, our planet

At Iroha Nature we are carbon neutral

Iroha Nature has taken a direct path to sustainability, since in addition to being clean and natural in our formulas, and betting on sustainable materials such as the new biodegradable face mask tissue, we also offset our carbon footprint.

Being “carbon neutral” means removing as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we emit. One way to do this is to buy “carbon offsets” and support sustainable projects such as reforestation, wind farms or solar parks. This helps generate renewable and cheaper energy, as well as reducing future GHG emissions and offsetting what we have added with our transport, for example. In particular, we use our contribution to reforestation to offset the carbon footprint of our transport.

We take care of the sea together with the ECOMAR Foundation

Iroha Nature collaborates with the Ecomar Foundation, a pioneer in coastal cleaning with children. A non-profit organization founded in 1999 by Theresa Zabell, the only Spanish woman to have won two Olympic Games.

The Ecomar Foundation has been organizing coastal and beach clean-ups with children since 2007 and promoting actions based on 4 pillars:

CARE: Through awareness campaigns, coastal cleaning, environmental workshops, etc.

EDUCATE: Children are our future and education is fundamental to take care of the planet.

AWARENESS RAISING: Take care of the only two places you can never move from, your body and your planet.

ADD: Every grain of sand helps us to keep moving forward. It is part of the Solution.

We are happy to be part of this project that involves the younger generations and invites us all to reflect and contribute to the conservation of our planet from different perspectives.

Iroha Nature uses recycled paper in the printed elements of the brand

Our catalogues are made of Shiro Echo paper, the highest quality recyclable and biodegradable paper, which is FSC certified. It is made from 100% reused paper. Among the values of Sensalia Labs and all its brands is respect for the environment and our commitment to its preservation. Therefore, we try to use recyclable materials or those that have the least possible impact on the environment around us. Let’s build a better world together. Taking into account the origin of the paper we consume can be a good start.