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Innovating in cosmetics since 2004 in Mataró, Barcelona

Sensalia Labs Brands

Iroha Nature

Natural Cosmetics with Proven Results

With 20 years of experience and sales in over 20 countries, Iroha Nature is a leading brand in face and body masks.

Our products are efficacy tested, clean, vegan, PETA approved, compostable and formulated with a high percentage of natural ingredients (93-99%).

The range includes a large selection of treatments that cover everything from face and body masks to toner discs, eye patches and pimple patches.

Face and Body
Products with
Proven Efficacy
Practical and Effective

We aim to create innovative and effective skin and body care products.

First anti-stress and anti-aging treatment

Facialderm’s skincare concept is based on enhancing personal and skin well-being by leveraging advances in neurocosmetics.


Advanced Neurocosmetics

Building on the latest advances in dermatological science, it has grown to become the expert brand in anti-ageing and anti-stress face care, offering cutting-edge formulas in neuroscience applied to cosmetics.

Based on neurocosmetics
Neurophroline™, the star ingredient

Effective, Natural and Sustainable Cosmetics

Our number one priority is to create products that provide an effective and efficient solution to skincare needs that is environmentally friendly.

Our products are backed by efficacy studies that demonstrate proven results in as little as 15 minutes.


We champion a concept of natural beauty, with all our products containing at least 95% naturally sourced ingredients.


We’re committed to creating products that are 100% sustainable from start to finish, sourced from sustainable farms and biodegradable after 75 days.

Cruelty Free

Sensalia Labs is a member of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals), proof of our commitment to the fight against animal testing.

The woman behind the company

Puri Martínez was a trailblazer in innovative and sustainable beauty when she first took a trip to Korea on a voyage of discovery in 2004, where she learned about the Asian skincare routine.

European skincare consumers were asking for effective and affordable at-home skincare, and Puri returned home with an answer: Iroha Nature, the first brand in Europe to bring an innovative, natural and sustainable beauty concept to the market in a brand-new category: sheet masks.

Social commitment

Sensalia Labs supports international solidarity causes through donations to charitable associations and foundations. We actively participate in projects that align with our values and our commitment to helping build a better society.