We care about the happiness of the little ones.

Another year of bringing smiles to hospitals

We collaborate one more year with Elssomriure Pallassos d’Hospital, a charming group of volunteer clowns who work with enthusiasm to raise the spirits in the Hospital of Calella.

With their humour they are able to arouse the most beautiful smiles and give moments of joy to the patients and professionals of the hospital. Especially to the little ones, who enjoy the entertainment that “elsSOMriures” provide them.

Risonancy Magnética, Txiringa, Txispas, Rudi Grafia and Globula Rosa are in charge of visiting and filling every corner with their graces, their dances and their stories. You will be able to find them in Pediatrics, in the Oncology Hospital, outpatient Pediatrics, waiting rooms, UCSI and Day Hospital.

We collaborate with the Waldorf School

Sensalia has participated financially in the construction of the Waldorf-Steiner El Til-ler School, which will soon be opened in Cerdanyola del Vallès. This is a private initiative nursery, primary and secondary school, where children between 3 and 16 years old study.

Educational project: The aim of the education of boys and girls follows the principles of Waldorf pedagogy. It is an educational cooperative managed by teachers and families who participate in the activities and life of the institution.

The centre proposes a project related to education and respect for ethnic, social, political and economic diversity, as well as religion. Among the services and extra-curricular activities, the ludic-artistic pedagogy stands out: free play, music, dance, garden, English and German.

Already in 2017 we supported the educational project of the Waldorf school of Mataró, and its proposal of education that defends the diversity and implication of the families.

We have collaborated with the Spanish Red Cross in the campaign “Your rights at stake”

Coinciding with Christmas 2018, we participated in a campaign that helped provide toys for children.

With our donation and other companies’ contributions, a total of 66,500 toys were purchased during the festive period for more than 24,000 vulnerable and underprivileged children.

The Red Cross campaign “Your rights at stake” was the project that made it possible for so many children to have a better time at Christmas.

We put smiles on their faces with Elssomriure Pallassos d’Hospital

We have collaborated with Elssomriure Pallassos d’Hospital, a charming group of volunteer clowns who work with enthusiasm to lift sick children’s spirits at the Hospital de Calella.

With their humorous acts, they were able to bring the most beautiful smiles to the little ones’ faces and shared joyous moments with the patients and hospital professionals. The little ones especially enjoyed the entertainment provided by “elsSOMriures”.

Risonancy Magnética, Txiringa, Txispas, Rudi Grafia and Globula Rosa were in charge of visiting every ward and and filling the place up with their colourful dances and stories. You can find them at the Pediatrics, in the Oncology Hospital, outpatient department of Pediatrics, waiting rooms, UCSI and Day Hospital.

We have sponsored the Dissantes de Mataró

In 2018, Iroha Nature participated as a sponsor of Dissantes de Mataró, the fiesta that the Maresme Foundation and the Santi Project, together with the City of Mataró organised within Les Santes, the largest festival in Mataró, to inform the citizens about what we do and how people live with intellectual disability.

Always committed to charitable causes, Iroha Nature collaborates with the non-profit charity initiative that encourages the integration of people with intellectual disabilities, from the normalisation principles to self recognition.

Our contribution will help the foundation’s work, based on generating a positive and realistic public attitude towards people with disabilities, encouraging the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities at an integral level, and raising awareness of the work carried out by the El Maresme Foundation in favour of this group.